I believe in telling the honest truth about my horses so that they go to a good home, I also would not like to lie about the horse for the dangers of the horse or the new buyer. I am never in a hurry to sell a horse so its a Tell the Truth thing and if they like the horse they will buy it if not then they don't.
These are the testimonies of people I could get in contact with as of 2011/2012

Peponita Zantana


Hey Breanna,

I just wanted to let you know that Zan is doing great. She fits in great with our other horses. She’s one of the family and we’re so happy that we can call her our own. She’s been really patient and has been a good horse for me to learn on. She’s everything that you said she’d be. There wasn’t anything hidden from us, we knew exactly what we were getting when we bought her. Zan and I are making the best of the warm weather, and she loves the attention. Thanks again for the wonderful horse and amazing addition to our family.

 This is a picture drawn by the new owner of our buckskin Bashkir curly Sassy

good luck with her and enjoy your new curly experience! :)

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